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"If you like old school 60's psych, bands like The Coral, you'll love this."  

Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music 

"See Your Light is just the type of number you'd hear on AM radio back in the day, sandwiched between The Beatles and Jeannie C. Riley. It's kind of like The Doors without Jim Morrison

(but rocks a lot more)" 

Henry Lipput Cooldadmusic

"Groovy and unforgettable See Your Light  is two minutes and twenty odd seconds of pure psych bliss and will have will have you head over heels in love!"

Diamond Deposits 

"Simple isn’t always as simple as it seems. Below the sheen of The Good Water is a dark, beating heart. Their music is a pounding homage to the distant places music can go, transcendental without ever being oblique or pointless. This directness is never confrontational, instead what they create are fascinating explorations of sound and rhythm,

designed to excite and explore.'"

Live4ever Presents 

"With a raucous feeling blasting out from any crevice, you can be sure to find a fast-paced, heart-racing set from The Good Water. They craft a whippy blast of rhythm & blues, backed by sharp slaps from the drums and the glorious fuzz of brazen riffs"

Mytacism Music 

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